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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Apply for Foreign Verification online to UP Nursing Council

 Foreign Verification from UPNMC - Apply online - Procedures simply explained

UP Nurses and Midwives Council has introduced foreign verification online from April 15th 2021.  This step they have taken up due to corona spread in UP, and as a precaution to curtail nurses’ personal visit to the council to submit application for Foreign Verification. Sadly, the step is only partially implemented, there is no online forms provided, no documents uploading possible, fees cannot be paid online.  The only thing they published is a Notice in Hindi, to download the Verification Form, Fill up the form, attach a list of certificates, enclose a DD for Rs 5000 drawn in favour of “The Registrar, UP Nurses & Midwives Council, Lucknow”, and send by post or submit personally at the council.

We are not here to complain, in fact we are here to explain the procedures, so that nurses can learn it, apply themselves and avoid agents.

Use Google Chrome and open  On the Home Page in the LATEST NEWS section you can find a links:  Foreign Verification – UPNMMC in red fonts.  Click open the link and read the NECESSARY GUIDELINES in Hindi (आवश्यक दिशा निर्देश). 

How to apply for the Foreign Verification, the Council have given the guidelines, which are explained below:-

“Foreign Verification Certificate” or “Goodstanding Certificate” both are available in the Download link provided on left panel of the home page.

Take a colour print of the required Form.

Fill up the form using a computer and the candidate in CAPITAL letters.

1.   Name of the candidate in full and address:

Maiden Name (Type your name as per UPNMC Regn Certificate)

Married Name (In case married and changed your name)

Address (As given on the UPNMC Regn Certificate)

2.   Father Name  (As given in UP Regn Certificate)

3.   Present Address (The address given in the Passport or Aadhar Card)

4.   Active Mobile Number  (In case of future contacts)

5.   Active Email ID  (In case of letter communication)

6.   Professional Qualification  (Your Nursing Diploma or Degree)

7.   Name of the Training Center  (This is exactly mentioned in your UPNMC Regn Certificate)

8.   Registration Number & Date (Check your UPNMC Regn certificate)

9.   Place where you worked with full details (Enclose Experience certificates. In case you have not worked few years, you can submit a Declaration with reasons)

 (Type your Name and do signature)

Write your Present address, Email ID and Contact Numbers


a.   A request application letter, addressed to The Registrar, UP Nurses and Midwives council, Lucknow and stress on following points.  (a) Your brief introduction, such as, Your Name, UP Registration Number and Date, your designation, present address, and reasons for this application for Foreign Verification or Goodstanding, and to be sent to whom, their full address, contact number, email id (if any) of the Foreign Council which is mentioned in the Foreign Verification Form.  If there is no particular Foreign Verification form issued by the Foreign Council, compulsorily submit a request letter like this and give their full address and request them to send the certificate directly to that address only directly.  

b.   Foreign Verification form which you downloaded from UPNMC website, duly filled and signed.

c.   Self attested 10th marks card or 10th Admit Card (proof of date of birth)

d.   Self attested 12th marks card

e.   Self attested Nursing marks cards  of all years

f.    Self attested Course completion certificate

g.   Self attested Diploma/Degree Certificate

h.   UPNMC Registration certificate

i.     All experience certificates from the date of your UP Nursing Registration Date to till date.  If not worked in between any years, mention the reason, such as higher study, marriage, sickness, etc.

j.    Demand Draft for Rs. 5000 drawn in favour of “The Registrar, UP Nurses and Midwives Council, Lucknow”

Send all above documents to the following address by Speed Post, or Registered Post or by Courier or submit personally.

Up Nurses and Midwives Council,

5, Sarvpalli, Mall Avenue Road,


Phone: 0522-2238846, 2236600



Saturday, May 29, 2021

Nursing Registration transfer to UP Nursing Council

Nursing Registration transfer to UP Nurses and Midwives Council. Reciprocal Registration Online - Simply explained

Fees GNM Rs 2000, BSc/PBBSc Rs 4000, MSc Rs 5000

Read instructions published online, ready the photograph, signature, and documents for uploading in JPG format and save it in a separate folder on PC or your mobile. Website Link for online application is given below: 

After reading instructions proceed on clicking “APPLY NOW” button at the bottom of that page. Select the option “OTHER STATE PASS OUT STUDENTS & REGD WITH OTHER STATE NURSING COUNCIL”.  Select your Nursing Education link and click on Apply Now. If you are applying for the first time, choose NO option and continue to fill online form. Fill up online forms and proceed thru ADD and PROCEED NEXT link.

All certificates should be scanned from the Original Certificate in Color JPG or JPEG Format.

  • A recent color Photograph of the applicant (Size: 3 cm width x 3.5 cm height, minimum 300 DPI (Cap: 200 to 500 kb size) should be attested by the Principal of your Nursing College or by the Nursing Superintendent of your hospital where you are joined.
  • Signature of the applicant (Size: 6 cm width x 3.5 cm height, minimum 300 DPI (Cap: 200 to 500 kb size) on plain paper, duly attested with seal and signature of the principal/ hospital also to be uploaded.
  • 10th Marks Card
  • 12th Marks Card
  • Final year Mark Sheet of GNM/ BSc/ PBBSc/ MSc
  • Course Completion Certificate issued by the Board/College
  • GNM Diploma Certificate /  BSc/MSc Provisional Degree Certificate/ Convocation certificate
  • Nursing Registration Certificate from your Parent Nursing Council or your present Nursing Council
  • Aadhar Card – Front and Back in one page

Before Final Submission of your online application, i.e. before remitting the Council Fees online, check all entries made and documents uploaded through the PREVIEW FINAL SUBMISSION link.  After payment, applicants are not allowed to edit their personal and educational details, delete or add documents uploaded.  It is found the payment online gateway facilities all over India display application errors or failures.  In such cases, contact UP Nurses Council. Contact Address: UP Nurses & Midwives Council, 5, Sarvpalli, Mall Avenue Road, Lucknow-226001, Phone Contact Nos: (0522) 2238846, 3302100 (Ext.: 207-210).  


Make a second payment only after the Council confirm the first payment has failed. Most Educational Institutions and Nursing Councils in India have the policy of not refunding the excess payments made.

Even though they published Fees: Rs 2000 for GNM, they charges Rs 2250 from the student and issue receipt.  Exactly don’t know the excess 250 charged is against GST?  So the Fees for BSc/PBBSc/MSc will be charged excess as above. 

To pay online you will be directed to another secure connection of the Council thru which you pay fees online and take print out of the Acknowledgement -cum- Payment Receipt for future reference.  Visit UPNMC and request them to obtain NOC directly from your Parent Nursing Council (PNC).  If UPNMC don’t send NOC request letter, PNC will not issue NOC to your Council.  Normally to complete this process in UPNMC they take 3 months. You can contact your parent nursing council and make inquiry whether your NOC is issued or how much it will take more time.


Friday, May 28, 2021

Meghalaya Nursing Council started Online Services

Meghalaya Nursing Council (MNC) has started Online Services for all types of Registrations. 


In view of increased COVID cases in Meghalaya state, Meghalaya Nursing Council (MNC) is not allowing nurses to visit council physically.

As such, MNC has already started ONLINE SERVICES for the benefit of students/ nurses/ applicants in respect of Primary Registration, Reciprocal Registration, Renewal, Foreign Verification, Goodstanding, NOC, etc from 1st February 2021.

Since no physical visit is permitted, MNC will soon start verifying the candidates’ eligibility thru video call in respect of all types of registrations. You can submit your basic details online and MNC will revert back at the earliest.

Meghalaya Nursing Council
Pasteur Hills, Lawmali Rd,
Shillong, Meghalaya 793001
Phone: 0364-2591910
Email :
For Verification:


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Surrender NOC and activate old TNNMC Registration

 Surrender NOC and activate old TNNMC Registration

– Procedures simply explained

Lot of nurses registered in Tamil Nadu have migrated to other states. So many of them want to return and work in Tamil Nadu.  But they cannot do that reasons being they don’t know how to take back their old TNNMC Registration Certificate.  This article will explain how to revive your old Tamil Nadu Nursing Council Registration.

It is true that while transferring Nursing Registration from one state to another NOC is involved and you have to obtain NOC from your present Nursing Council and surrender it to TNNMC.  There is no uniform rules for Nursing Councils in India, most of them have their own set rules. So it is essential to know the procedures first and apply accordingly. After surrendering the NOC to TNNMC, you can take back your TNNMC Registration Certificate. 

Since nursing registration transfers are done on reciprocal basis, in between these nursing councils they follow same reciprocal rules. For example, the KSNC registered nurses can apply for NOC directly to KSNC by paying their NOC Fees and surrendering the Regn Certificate.  KSNC will send the NOC by registered post to TNNMC and another copy to the candidate also by post. Whereas the TNNMC registered nurses can also apply for NOC to TNNMC by surrendering their certificate and paying NOC Fees directly to TNNMC. Only difference is TNNMC will give a copy directly to the candidate’s hand, and the original by Registered post to KSNC.  The procedure is almost same. However it is futile to think all nursing councils are reciprocally fair to others.

To issue NOC to DNC/UPNMC/HNNMC –Tamil Nadu Nursing Council demand NOC Request letter/Clarification Letter from TNNMC registered nurses, so it is fair to think registered nurses from DNC, UPNMC, HNNMC will have to obtain NOC Request letter from TNNMC and submit to above nursing councils then only they will get NOC.

However, if nurses want to cancel their reciprocal registration and return to work in the state they studied or in the state their parent nursing council is situated, they can do so by cancelling the registration, surrender the Registration Certificate and obtain No Objection Certificate in favour of their Parent Nursing Council. This NOC they have to surrender to TNNMC. And in this article this procedure is explained in detail.

1.  Nurses or nursing students can watch Demo Videos or read Instructions in English without log-in to the registration portal on NOC and Verification Portal (Click here)

2.  However to surrender the NOC you received from your present Nursing Council you have to sign-in to above portal. Those who forgotten their password can reset their password thru Forgot Password option.

3.    Those who don’t have TNNMC online account will have to sign up first to create their Account, activate it and log in again to apply.

4.   This article is exclusively for explaining the procedures “how to surrender the NOC to TNNMC and take back your TNNMC registration Certificate”.  Demo video uploaded in Tamil by TNNMC website and it is available on YouTube as well.

5.   After log in, new candidates have to upload their color passport size photo in JPG/JPEG format. You can crop the size online. And click on SURRENDER NOC link on the left panel. To open the page click open Surrendered NOC History page and proceed thru  “Surrender NOC Request” to apply. Next page is instructions given in English and clear your doubt and continue to next page.

6. You have to fill up the details and upload the requested documents in the next page REQUEST TO SURRENDER NOC:

(a)          Surrender NOC to :  Tamil Nadu Nursing Council

(b)      NOC Reference letter Number:  The NOC in your hand have Reference Number and Date, write in the columns provided.


(c)          Reasons to surrender NOC:  Returning to Tamil Nadu for work.


(d)         Upload current NOC letter:  Upload the NOC letter.


Save and Continue


(e)        Fill up communication details, such as Father Name, Marital Status, full Address, Country, State, District, Pin Code, Mobile Number and Email ID.


Save and continue


(f)       Surrender NOC acknowledgement will open. Take print out for future reference.  TNNMC Admin will verify the details and send the approval to your email. Then pay Rs 500 online.  Thanks to TNNMC, they have discontinued this SURRENDER NOC Fees 500, and the candidates need not pay this anymore. 


(g)        Pay the fees online thru Credit/Debit/ATM Card or Internet Banking.


(h)         After Payment, fix an appointment date, and take out the print.


(i)      Visit TNNMC, or send any authorized person, surrender the NOC, Surrender NOC Payment Acknowledgement Print out and take back your Old Registration Certificate.


(j)        You can log into your account check the status messages as regards to Surrender NOC (Surrendered) and Surrender Certificate (Registration Certificate returned or E-certificate issued) everything will be recorded in your online account page – Surrendered NOC History.


How to get NOC from TNNMC - Procedures explained.

 How to get NOC from TNNMC – Procedures simply explained

All Nurses registered in Tamil Nadu Nursing Council wish to migrate to other state for higher studies or for job purpose have to take “No objection Certificate” (NOC) from TNNMC and submit to the Other  State Nursing Council for Reciprocal Registration. Here I will explain the procedures “how to apply for NOC in TNNMC”:-

(1)           NOC from TNNMC to Delhi Nursing Council (DNC), Uttar Pradesh Nurses & Midwives Council (UPNMC), Haryana Nurses & Nurse- Midwives Council (HNNMC)


(2)           NOC from TNNMC to Other State Nursing Council in India (except DNC, UPNMC, HNNMC).

If you are migrating to Delhi, UP or Haryana, there are certain conditions. You have to apply first for Reciprocal Registration in these state nursing councils and pay their registration fees. They will verify your original certificates and send NOC request letter to TNNMC. In some sates it is called Clarification Letter/Reference Letter and some state nursing councils give a copy of this letter to the candidate also so that they can contact your parent nursing council. Normally they inform TNNMC that the candidate has approached them for reciprocal registration hence they want the NOC from TNNMC. 

After receiving this NOC Request letter, your council TNNMC will not issue the NOC directly, unless you approach TNNMC and apply thru their registration portal and pay their NOC Fees.  So you have to contact TNNMC thru email, phone or personally or thru your authorized agent and collect the Reference Number and Date of above said NOC Request Letter. This is required to apply thru above registration portal of TNNMC.

Other than Delhi, UP and Haryana, nurses migrating to other states need not go thru this process. They can directly apply for NOC to Tamil Nadu Nursing Council.

1.    Nurses or nursing students can watch Demo Videos or read Instructions in English without log-in to the registration portal on NOC and Verification Portal (Click here)

2.     However to apply for NOC nurses have to sign-in to above portal.

3.   Those who are new, have to sign up first to create their Online Account, activate the account and log in again to apply.

4.   This article is exclusively for explaining the procedures to apply for NOC for those migrating to other states,

5.    Remember this website is exclusively for (1) Applying for NOC (for those migrating to other states) (2) Surrendering NOC received from other States (for those returning to Tamil Nadu and wants to surrender the NOC and revive their old registration) (3) For Applying Foreign Verification. And this article is exclusively to explain and teach the procedures of how to apply for NOC (for those migrating to other states).

TNNMC has uploaded a Demo Video in Tamil on their registration portal. 

6.    After log in, new candidates have to upload their color passport size photo in JPG/JPEG format. You can crop the size online. And click on APPLY NOC link on the left panel.  Thereafter > New “NOC Request”. Click open this page and apply.

7.   In the next page, you can see REQUEST NOC INSTRUCTIONS, for DELHI/UP/HARYANA and for OTHER STATES in INDIA. You can click on Instructions link read it. Tick on TNNMC terms, accept it and proceed to “Apply for Request NOC” on far right and click to open it.

8.   You have to fill up the details and upload the requested documents in the next page.

(a)     Requested Nursing Council:  This can be either Delhi/UP or Haryana or any other state nursing council.  You can choose the Nursing Council in the state you are migrating.


(b)          NOC Reference Letter No & Date: 

Fill up these details in the columns provided, which you collected from TNNMC.  This is applicable to those migrating to Delhi / UP and Haryana.  For others leave this column blank.

(c)            Choose appropriate reason:

(Purpose of NOC) i.e.  Higher studies or Job purpose.

Note-1: Students going for higher studies, have to upload BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE in PDF format (in case of multiple pages).


Note-2: Nurses who want NOC for job purpose should upload APPOINTMENT LETTER/ JOB OFFER LETTER in PDF format (in case of multiple pages).

(d)            Surrender Reason / Remarks:  

You have to surrender your TNNMC Registration Certificate back to TNNMC. Because upon issue of NOC, your registration with TNNMC will be treated as expired/ cancelled/ or inactive.   So fill up this column like this “Got job in ______ (hospital name) and hence moving to ________” (name of the state).

(e)       Upload Registration Certificate:  Scan and upload your TNNMC Registration Certificate (RN-Nurse).

(f)         Upload Registration Certificate:  Scan and upload your TNNMC Registration Certificate (RM-Midwife).

Note:  Those who have only one Registration Certificate should upload the same twice.

Save and continue


(g)         Fill up Communication Details on next page, such as Father Name, Marital Status, full Address, Country, State, District, Pin Code, Mobile Number and Email ID.

 Save and continue 


(h)         Next Request NOC acknowledgement page will be displayed. Take a print out and wait for Admin Approval of your Application.


(i)       Check your Email after 2-3 days. If you received approval letter, then log in to your account and click open APPLY NOC link, and view REQUESTED NOC HISTORY page and pay fees.

(j)           Pay fees Rs 200 online thru Debit, Credit, ATM Cards or thru Net Banking.

(k)         After Payment, book an appointment date and take the print out of the Acknowledgement Receipt and visit TNNMC.

(l)        While visiting TNNMC, carry original documents as follows:-

· Online Payment Acknowledg1e Slip with appointment date.

·   TNNMC Registration Certificates (RN/RM) with ID card to be surrendered.

·  If you done renewal earlier, surrender that certificate also.

(m)   Collect your NOC from TNNMC personally or thru your authorized person.                            


For Kaup Board, Biometric Registration, Renewal, Refreshing - Documents Uploading Done here

BAMS, BUMS, BNMS doctors can scan and upload their certificates online on KAUP BOARD's Registration Portal. Take Appointment thru Email: After getting confirmation mail from Kaup Board visit them personally for BIO-METRIC REGIST-RATION, RENEWAL, REFRESH, etc.

For all types of Online Applications, Scanning & Uploading certificates, Online Payment, Print Out, Xerox, Lamination, Broadband Internet Cafe, unlimited download and upload, Free Wi-Fi, Contact: REPROGRAPHICS SERVICES, 1st Floor, Next to JP Cordial Hotel, 2 Minutes from Kaup Board office on S.C. Road, Bangalore.

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