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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

KSNC Renewal for nurses working in Karnataka?

Nurses working in Karnataka State can renew their Registration in KSNC.

You need to have an Account with the KSNC website, so if you don't have one, create your User ID and Password, Fill up online forms, Upload required documents, pay online Renewal Fees, take Appointment and all necessary print outs, and visit KSNC.

Log-in to your Account

From 14th June 2019, KSNC has removed DOCUMENTS link from the public's view.  Now KSNC staff are doing the Documents uploading:   So carry following ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES + 1 set of Black and White Xerox with you. 

[a]  KSNC Registration Certificate
[b]  Renewal Certificate (if you have already renewed earlier, else ignore, and submit KSNC Registration Certificate in place thereof)
[c]  Still Working Certificate (issued within the last 3 months)
[d] SSLC Marks (For proof of Date of Birth.  Those who don't have DOB mentioned in their 10th Marks Card, have to submit Birth Certificate or Admit Card)
[e]  Aadhar Card  [for Proof of Address]/ Passport Copy/Voter ID (Either one is sufficient).
[f] ANM Certificate/GNM Diploma Certificate/ BSc Degree Certificate/ PBBSc Certificate/MSc Certificate as the case may be.
[g]  Final Year Marks Card  [For uploading you need to upload only final year marks card.  But, for Verification, you have to carry all the certificates listed here and all the Original Marks Card, and one set of xerox of all certificates)
[h]  Course Completion Certificate
[i]   Internship Certificate  (Wherever Internship is not applicable, submit 12th Marks Card in place thereof)

Go to "Payments" and click open "Online Payment", choose "Renewal Fee". Click on "Make Payment", Click again on "Confirm Payment", Choose a type of payment "Credit Card or Debit Card or Debit-cum-ATM card or Internet Banking" and Fill up "Card Numbers", "Expiry month and Year", CVV Number from the Reverse of the card, Name of the "Card Holder" and SUBMIT. You will get the OTP in the Bank registered mobile Number, submit the OTP Number (mostly 6 figure numbers, rarely 4 figure numbers) in the box provided and submit.

Click open "Receipts" link.  Find another "Receipts" and "Application Print" in the next page.   Click open the second "Receipts" and take out 2 copies of the E-Receipt.

Click open "Schedule Appointment".  Book your Appointment for visiting KSNC.  Without an appointment, KSNC won't allow you entry inside. Select "Centre",  Centre means either "KSNC Bangalore Counter-1 or Counter-2, you can book an appointment from both counters, and choose either one counter wherever appointment slots are available. Next is Service. You have to choose for which registration you are seeking an appointment. Choose one from "Registration/Renewal/Verification/Good standing/NOC".  If you want an appointment for DOB Correction or KSNC Regn Certificate correction, choose "Registration".  Then Click on "Select Date", Choose your "date with blue background" from the Calendar (Date with a yellow background are closed). Choose your time between 9.30 am to 3.00 pm (Red background is already booked, and Green background is available).  Book Appointment window will be displayed, Type your "KSNC Regn Certificate Number in the top blank Box", Course Type is your Nursing qualification, choose one from "ANM/GNM/BSC/PBBSC/MSC" and "Submit".  You will be taken to another 2 Pop up windows on the same screen "OTP Number sent to Your Registered Mobile Number and Email Please Enter for Verification".  Submit the OTP in the box provided and click on "CONFIRM APPOINTMENT". Another Pop-up window will show "Your Appointment ID has been sent to your Mobile Number and Email".  Your Appointment Details and ID are displayed on the screen thru another Pop-up window, showing your Appointment is confirmed on ---- time ----- with your name. You will get the same message by SMS to your mobile phone as well.  Take a screenshot or camera picture of this appointment, and take a print out while visiting KSNC to show the security before entry.  Upon the close of this window, this information will be vanished and not traceable. So you can use your SMS message to take out the print in case you missed the Screen Message. That is the reason KSNC is insisting to bring along "Application Print" available in the "Receipts" section.

This application print is available only if you are doing all the processes in one day, i.e.  Documents uploading, Remitting KSNC Fees and Taking Appointment in a single day.  Application Print is not available if you are taking Appointment today, and uploading the document/remitting the payment on another day.   Application Print is ALSO NOT AVAILABLE if you are uploading the documents and remitting the KSNC fees today and taking an Appointment on later days.   

KSNC Fees Structure: Renewal Rs.500. You can renew all your KSNC Regn Certificates in ONE GO for Rs 500/- only.  (For instance, ANM+GNM, GNM+PBBSc, ANM+GNM+PBBSC, GNM+ PBBSC + MSc, ANM + GNM + PBBSC + MSC or BSC+MSC).


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