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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Nurses working abroad how to Renew their KNC Registration ?

There are two types of Renewal.  Nurses working in hospitals based in Karnataka and Nurses working abroad. Both procedures are different. Here I am explaining how Nurses abroad can renew their KNC/ KSNC Registration. 

Step 1: Creating a User ID and Password on KNC Registration Portal:

Create a User ID and Password in the KSNC Home page.  Change the password to a more secure one. The password should contain a minimum of 6 characters, consisting of “Alphabets (a to z)”, “Numbers 0 to 9”, and “Special characters! @ # $ % * “ .  

Step 2:  Filling up Online Forms:

Fill up online forms “Personal Information Page” and “Contact Information page”.  To correct any typing mistake, you can edit the contents easily, by click opening the “Edit Information” link.  Take the print out of these pages – 1 copy each. (Right click mouse and print).

Step 3:  From 14.06.2019  "Documents" link has been removed by KSNC. Now KSNC staff are doing Documents uploading work inside KSNC. However, candidates are required to Carry their following Original Certificates + 1 set of xerox with you:

a]  KSNC Registration Certificate
[b]  Renewal Certificate (if you have already renewed earlier, else ignore, and submit KSNC Registration Certificate in place thereof)
[c]  Still Working Certificate from Foreign employer (issued within the last 3 months.  This Certificate you have to Notarize in Bangalore before uploading.  You need to bring Staff Nurse ID, Salary Certificate, Visa, Passport, Akama etc)
[d] SSLC Marks (For proof of Date of Birth.  Those who don’t have  DOB mentioned in their 10th Marks Card, have to submit Birth Certificate or Admit Card)
[e]  Aadhar Card  [for Proof of Address]/ Passport Copy (Both).
[f] ANM Certificate/GNM Diploma Certificate/ BSc Degree Certificate/ PBBSc Certificate/MSc Certificate as the case may be.
[g]  Final Year Marks Card  [For uploading you need to upload only final year marks card.  But, for Verification, you have to carry all the certificates listed here and all the Original Marks Card, and one set of Xerox of all certificates)
[h]  Course Completion Certificate
[i]   Internship Certificate  (Wherever Internship is not applicable, submit 12th Marks Card in place thereof).

Step 4:  Documents uploading:     (Ignore Step-4) 

Click open “Documents” link, Click “Add document”, choose “Renewal Certificate”, and upload above scanned documents one-by-one against each item.  Take a print of this page. (Right-click mouse and print).

Step 6:  KSNC Fees remittance online:

Go to "Payments" and click open "Online Payment", choose "Renewal Fee". Click on "Make Payment", Click again on "Confirm Payment", Choose the type of payment "Credit Card or Debit Card or Debit-cum-ATM card or Internet Banking" and Fill up "Card Numbers", "Expiry month and Year", CVV Number from the Reverse of the card, Name of the "Card Holder" and SUBMIT. You will get the OTP in the Bank registered mobile Number, submit the OTP Number (mostly 6 figure numbers, rarely 4 figure numbers) in the box provided and submit.

Step-7:  Payment Receipt.

On successful submission of payment, you can click open "Receipts" link and find another "Receipts" and "Application Print" on the next page.   Click open the second "Receipts" and take out 2 copies of the E-Receipt.

Step-8:  Schedule your Appointment:

Click open "Schedule Appointment".  Book your Appointment for visiting KSNC.  Without an appointment, KSNC won't allow you entry inside. Select "Centre", Centre means either "KSNC Bangalore Counter-1 or Counter-2, you can book an appointment from both counters, and choose either one counter wherever appointment slots are available. Next is Service. You have to choose for which registration you are seeking appointment. Choose "Verification and submit.  Then Click on 
"Select Date", Choose your "date with blue background" from the Calendar (Date with a yellow background are closed). Choose your time between 9.30 am to 2.50 pm (These timings KSNC often change)  (Dates in Red background is already booked, and Dates in Green background means available).  Book Appointment window will be displayed, Type your "KSNC Regn Certificate Number in the top blank Box", Course Type is your Nursing qualification, choose one from "ANM/GNM/BSC/PBBSC/MSC" and "Submit".  You will be taken to another 2 Pop up windows on the same screen "OTP Number sent to Your Registered Mobile Number and Email Please Enter for Verification".  Both are misleading information.  KSNC is not sending any OTP to your Mobile Number or Email. They are merely DISPLAYING THIS OTP on the Screen itself on the left side of BLANK BOX, where the OTP is to be retyped, and click on "CONFIRM APPOINTMENT". Another Pop-up window will show "Your Appointment ID has been sent to your Mobile Number and Email".  That is again misleading. Your Appointment Details and ID are displayed on the screen thru another Pop-up window, showing your Appointment is confirmed on ---- time ----- with your name.   Take a screen shot or camera picture of this appointment, and you need to take a print out of this “Appointment Confirmation Page” while visiting KSNC to show the security before entry.  Upon close of this window, this information will be vanished and not traceable. That is the reason KSNC is insisting to bring along "Application Print" available in the "Receipts" Section.

Step 9:  Application Print:

Normally “Application print” is available only if you are doing all the processes in one day, i.e. Remitting KSNC Fees and Taking Appointment in a single day.  
Application Print is not available  if you are taking Appointment today, and remitting the payment on another day.   Application Print is ALSO NOT AVAILABLE if you are  remitting the KSNC fees today and taking Appointment on later days.   

KSNC Fees Structure: Renewal Rs.500. You can renew all your KSNC Regn Certificates in ONE GO for Rs 500/- only.  (For instance, ANM+GNM, GNM+PBBSc, ANM+GNM+PBBSC, GNM+ PBBSC + MSc, ANM + GNM + PBBSC + MSC or BSC+MSC).



  1. I am grateful for this blog to distribute knowledge about this significant topic. Here I found different segments and now I am going to use these new instructions with new enthusiasm. Apply Registered Nurse Jobs in Texas

  2. Hi Sir, I moved to USA about a year ago and not working currently, how do I renew my life member registration certificate. I cannot workin here in USA without my active certificate, so I don't have still working certificate to provide for renewal, please advise me on any other options to renew my certificate. Thank you in advance.

    1. There are some fake agents promise fake renewal without the presence of candidates as well as without a proper still working certificates. And beware of such thugs. Dont spoil your life supporting such cheaters in and around KSNC. KSNC is a respected Institution, never support such malpractices.

      For renewal in KSNC, you have to work in any hospital in Karnataka State, and submit still working certificate to ksnc. Since you are holding old certificate with LIFE MEMBERSHIP seal, you have to undergo, biometric process, ksnc will take your photo, signature and thumb impression, so you have to be present personally.

  3. I greatly appreciate your reply sir. I would never fall under those people. I strongly believe in KSNC processing system.
    My concern is that since I moved to United States and im in the process of taking the NCLEX test before I can even get a nursing job here, but my nursing certificate is since expired they can’t continue the process without having a valid certificate, when I tried to contact KSNC to renew my certificate it requires still working certificate from abroad, which I can’t get it from nowhere. What should you suggest in this situation sir. I sincerely thank you in advance.

    1. Sometime, I think why responsible Nursing Institutions like KSNC demand Still working certificate ? Are they helping the nursing community or they make the life difficult for the nurses ?

      Telangana Nursing Council, Andhra Nursing Council, MP Nursing Council, and few more State Nursing Councils are renewing nurses registration without any Experience certificate or Still Working certificate ? Why in India certain State Nursing Councils killing the ambitions of the nurses. Very Sad. Hopefully, the new proposed Indian Nursing Commission may introduce a uniform system/practice for renewal of registration.

      Sadly Namgyal, there is no option left for you. Visit mushrooming internet shops in front of KSNC - they will help you.

  4. I'm working in Saudi Arabia how to renew my knc online...

  5. Already replied to such queries. No time waste on such things

  6. Heylow sir ,I'm working in Saudi Arabia, my registration validity expired last month, I want to renew it, as due to d situation of covid , I'm unable to reach ksnc, can I do online renewal ? Pls suggest and tell d procedure, as above procedure steps re dragging to booking appointment to reach personally.

  7. Hello I have to renew my KNC certificate.I am working abroad. any new updates?

  8. Hello sir plz let us know how to renew our knc certificate in this pandemic situation as we cant come directly.wil it be possible to do it online.


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