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Saturday, April 25, 2020

All about NRTS Registration, NUID and its benefits?

All about NRTS Registration, NUID and its benefits?

How NRTS functions-?
NRTS (Nurses Registration and Tracking System) is developed by INC (an Autonomous Body under the GOI, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare).  Registered Nurses from all Indian State Nursing Councils (SCNs) have to enroll and register with NRTS.  This is to facilitate all nurses registered in various SCNs across India to bring into a single integrated portal to achieve Live Register of Nurses. Anyone can submit their data thru NRTS Registration Portal but the candidate has to visit their Parent Nursing Council for the Aadhar based Authentication and approval. INC has authorized an agency - M/s Fin Paytech for this and they are conducting camps at various states with the approval of that particular State Nursing Councils. 

What is NUID and its benefits-?
NUID (Nurses Unique Identification Number) is a Unique ID for Nurses which is certifiable and distinguishable across the country.  NUID and Passbook will be issued only to those nurses enrolled thru NRTS. NUID will benefit the nurses who migrate to another state (RECIPROCAL REGISTRATION) and the NOC process will curtail to five days approximate.  At present, KSNC is not supporting NRTS and NUID as of now.

What is the role of INC in NRTS Regn?
INC does not give license to any nurse to practice and it is the responsibility of respect State Nursing Councils. The NRTS registration system developed by INC is as per the existing registration followed by various SNCs. Only difference is all SNC registrations will be migrated to NRTS Tracking System. Every SNCs have the lawful rights to issue registration, renewal, and all other services to Nurses.

INC’s extended role?
INC’s main role is to verify Foreign Nursing Education of a nurse and issue Equivalency Certificate (ECs). After getting ECs nurses can approach their State Nursing Council for registration. However, NRTS enrollment or possession of NUID does not promise any employment in government or private sector.

What is the advantage of Possessing NUID ?
Main advantage of NUID is in case of any calamities like, flood, fire or a situation of corona virus spread, INC can help the Government, health authorities and hospitals to locate unemployed nurses for emergency work. Further, Nurses possessing NUID has the advantage to do faster Reciprocal Registration, under this, NOC will be issued from Parent Nursing Council to other SNC thereby save lot of time.  The nurses can complete their bio metric registration at the new council within a week’s time.  Presently it takes several months.

KSNC not supporting Nurses for NRTS.
As per INC rules, Nurses have to enroll to NRTS thru their Parent Nursing Council.  KSNC is the Parent Nursing Council for the nurses studied Nursing in Karnataka. Since KSNC is not entertaining no nurses from this state can enroll to NRTS.


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