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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Duplicate Karnataka GNM Marks cards and GNM Certificates?

How to apply for Duplicate Karnataka GNM Marks Cards or for GNM Certificates from KSDNEB - Karnataka Nursing Board-? Complete guidance

KSDNEB - Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examinations Board is the sole authority to issue Duplicate GNM Marks Cards and other Duplicate GNM Certificates.   Here I am explaining the details how to apply for Duplicate GNM Marks Cards and other certificates from KSDNEB? Open Karnataka Nursing Board website for Duplicate Marks Card and Certificates :

Open KSDNEB website  and select appropriate links displayed for Student Services:
Online apply for Spelling Corrections/ Duplicate Marks Cards and Certificates

Submit REGISTER NUMBER on the Student Services page  (Register Number of the student is mentioned on all Marks Cards and other Certificates). After the successful submission of Register Number, the particular student's page will open with basic details. Fill up the online form, the following details of the candidate are required:-

(a) Name
(b) Father Name
(c) Mother Name
(d) Course
(e) Admission year
(f) Inward Number
(g) Nursing School/College Name
(h) Student Postal Address
(I) Inward Date
(j) Mobile Number
(k) Email ID
(l) Applications for - (In this section, you have to choose the service whether you want the duplicate certificates or marks cards).  So click open Applications for - dropdown menu and selects the service from the following choices
For Duplicate Marks Cards and Certificates: 
Correction Fee: Rs. 500 per marks card/certificate to be paid online
1.  GNM Marks cards, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year
2.  GNM Diploma Certificate
3.  GNM Course Completion Certificate
4.  GNM Internship certificate

Note:  Documents to be uploaded for the duplicate certificate are: 
           1)  Police Complaint copy, 2.  Affidavit copy
(For Duplicate Certificates - while selecting marks card, you have to select one or more marks card, as per your choice the total amount to be paid will be shown there itself). Agree to their terms and conditions and SUBMIT.  Pay their Fees Online. Take the print out of the online application along with the payment receipt. Visit the KSDNEB office below and submit your application and one set of Xerox of all the above documents along with Police complaint and Affidavit copies.

Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examinations Board,
1st Floor, Library Block, Medical College, and Research Institute campus
Victoria Hospital, Bangalore-560002
Phone: + 91-080-26700074
+ 91-080-26700075



  1. The subject of the article is different. Questions should be posted under comments of appropriate article. You are talking about which ID and Password ?

  2. What is inward date and inward number?

    1. College Course Starting Date, And your Register Number

  3. Replies
    1. For GNM it is GNM DIPLOMA Certificate
      For BSc/PBBSc/MSc their Provisional Degree certificate or Convocation Certificate

  4. Why Its showing invalid when I enter correct register number


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