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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Nurses to renew KSNC Life Member Registration Certificates ?

KSNC Life Members' registration is no more valid.
There was a phase Karnataka State Nursing Council (KSNC), used to issue Registration to Registered Nurses with life-Membership. In fact, certificates issued with Life-Member seal were valid until the year 2017. Lately, KSNC has scraped Life Membership rules and the decision was notified on their portal sometime back.  A section of nurses possessing Life-Member Registration certificates still do not know they have to renew their KSNC Registration. It is sad, after enjoying life-member privileges for several years, practicing nurses have to visit KSNC and undergo the ordeal of the Renewal process. 

Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, and few other State Nursing Councils have implemented the Online Renewal process successfully. Nurses can download and take the print out of their renewed certificates from the respective nursing council's website. No one needs to visit these Nursing Councils personally.  During the year 2018, few Nursing Associations have had fruitful discussions with KSNC Registrar, and since then they have put some conditions and also allowed some exemptions for renewal of KSNC registration, which are more specifically written below:-

Renewal Compulsory:
Nurses possessing Life-Member Registration Certificate from KSNC (Parent Nursing Council) and presently working in hospitals based in Karnataka State or in foreign countries HAVE TO RENEW their KSNC Registration, provided they have NO ACTIVE Registration from any other State Nursing Councils in India. Still working certificate from their present employer issued within the last 3 months is a must for renewal.

Renewal not necessary:
Nurses possessing Life Member Registration Certificate from KSNC (Parent Nursing Council) and presently working in any other States in India or in any Foreign Hospitals, NEED NOT RENEW their KSNC Life Member Registration, provided they have done Reciprocal Registration in any other State Nursing Council in India and such Registration is presently active.  As per the Government rules, only one Active Registration is allowed. 

Andhra State Nursing & Midwives Council and Telangana State Nursing & Midwives Council are charging penalty of Rs.100 per year for renewal of expired Registration, whereas KSNC is not yet started imposing any penalty for renewal on an expired registration.  So the erring nurses should take this opportunity and renew their KSNC Life Member Registration without any delay.

First Renewal is on completion of 3 years from the date of issue. And thereafter subsequent renewals have to be done every five years. The Nurses failed to renew their KSNC Registration for several years should not worry about any penalty or late fee at the moment.  Presently the renewal fee is only Rs 500 and anyone can renew their single or multiple qualifications/ registrations in one go for a mere sum of Rs 500/-


  1. actually i have life membership in my ksnc and do i need to renew also.but i am working in saudi and possible renew withoug physical presentance.

    1. My God, KSNC Life Members' registration is no more valid that is what I explained in this article. KSNC have got rid of LIFE MEMBERSHIP system, from 2017. So everybody possessing Life Membership certificates have to renew.

      Nurses working abroad can renew when they come to India on leave. You have to bring STILL WORKING CERTIFICATE from your Hospital, ID Card copy, Salary Certificate or Salary credits in Bank statements etc. All other original documents such as 10th, 12th, All marks cards, course completion certificate, diploma or degree certificate, aadhar or passport, KSNC Registration Certificate + one set of zerox also to be submitted. Renewal Fees Rs 500. To be paid online after creating your online account with KSNC Registration portal.

      You have to visit KSNC personally for this renewal

  2. I have renewed KNC registration and would like to add additional qualification (Msc). Please let me know the formalities.

  3. Presently am not working so how can i renew my registration certificate..

  4. Better choose any other job and ignore nursing profession

  5. I have completed nursing in the year 2009 and until now I didn't renew registration. It is necessary to do renew or not

    1. Their rule is if you are working in Karnataka, you have to renew your registration. However exception is there for nurses working in other states, they have to keep active their registration in that respective nursing council. Nurses working abroad have to renew their registration compulsorily

  6. Hello,
    I m working in other state but my nursing registration of Karnataka had been expired of 7 yrs.
    Is it easy to renew again? Plz let me know.
    Do I need to come Karnataka to renew?

    What will be process to renew

    1. As per new rules, you need to have your Registration active in ONE OF THE STATE NURSING COUNCILS IN INDIA.

      KSNC Renewal is a BIOMETRIC PROCESS, where candidate's, photo, signature and thumb impression will be taken, so the candidate has to visit KSNC personally.

  7. Hello,
    I am working in other state there the registration for working is compulsory so I didn't register inthis state but I didn't renew my life time registration also . Can I do the renewal online
    What may be the process please reply me on my email

    1. If you directly send queries to my mail, I will give the replies also directly. If you are asking questions on this common platform, then you will get the replies here only.

      There is no Life Membership as such now. Now everyone has to renew. If your registration is active in another state, then no need to bother about your kSNC renewal. You can keep active of your Registration in any one Nursing Council only. Renewal cannot be done online.

  8. Hi, I also have life membership and moved abroad (USA) last year, but I don't have still working certificate to renew my nursing certificate, please advise on what options do I have to get my certificate renewed.

  9. hallo I did my first registration in 2010 .there after settled in abroad now am planning to start work is it any chance to renew my registration / or any one can help me in this situation and do not have any other registration as well.

    1. For renewal still working certificate is compulsory from Karnataka or from abroad

  10. hi
    iam working in abroad,but my Karnataka nursing lisence need to renew its expired in last January is their any option to do it as online or is its mandatory to come directly to nursing council

  11. Need help, I just joined my New job after many 7 years, I already have Karnataka Registration and now i believe it is not valid, I need to renew, however, since i joined 1 week back in my hospital, what are the documents should i carry to renew my registration.


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