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Thursday, May 7, 2020

All about KSNC procedures-nurses want to know.

If you are visiting KSNC - definitely nurses want to know?

Everything thru KSNC Registration Portal only? (Click here)
For years The Karnataka State Nursing Council (KSNC) have been following manual registrations and record keeping. Of late they have partially computerized and still continue manual record keeping. From 2018, KSNC is running a reasonably well managed Registration Portal through which all nurses, fresh or registered nurses have to formally apply for getting various services.

What Services KSNC provides to Nurses?
Permanent Registration or called Biometric Registration (Click here), Renewal for nurses working Karnataka (Click here), Renewal for nurses working abroad (Click here), Renewal of Life Membership Registrations (Click here), etc, Foreign Verification for all countries by personal visit (Click here), NMC UK Online Verification (Click here), Foreign Verification thru Video Call (Click here), Good standing Certificate (Click here), Accred-itation, Name and Spelling Corrections on Registration Certificate (Click here), Date of Birth Correction in KSNC Registration (Click here), Issue of Duplicate Registration Certificate (Click here), etc.

KSNC working timings:
1.       Nurses with Appointment are allowed entry from 9.30 am onwards for: Permanent Registration, Renewal, Corrections, etc.

2.    From 10.00 am onwards for:  Foreign Verification, Good Standing Certificate, Accreditation, NOC, Course Completion Verification Certificate, etc.

3.         Lunch Time:  1.30 pm to 2.00 pm

4.      Closing timing:  Usually there is a closing time for every Government Institutions. However, once you got the entry in KSNC, they are magnanimous to complete your work same day itself. Rarely will they call you next day.

5.      While booking you can see the first Appointment slot start starts from 9.30 am. It is important, you have to note down the timing of the last appointment slot of that particular day-?  Irrespective of what time you have been allotted, try to enter KSNC before the last time slot of that day.  Since entry is allowed thru token system, no meaning or relevance to the time slot allotted to you. Reach KSNC one or two hours before the starting time (especially on peak season), stand in the ‘Q’ and take early tokens to finish your registration).

6.    The Appointment Validity: The confirmed appointment is valid for 6 months.  In case you visited KSNC, but you cannot complete the registration due to any problems, say missed or lost any original certificates, or you need to correct your certificates, same appointment is valid for 6 months from the Issue date.  You can visit KSNC and complete the Registration process within 6 months from the issue date.

7.   Peak season: Starts when fresh nurses pouring in for First time Registration. All passed out nurses have to collect their marks cards and certificates from their respective schools/ colleges/ universities and visit KSNC for Biometric Registration.  This registration is compulsory for nurses to practice nursing in any hospitals.

What Nurses have to do before visiting KSNC?
Before visiting KSNC, all nurses have to do following:-

1. Create User ID and Password in KSNC Registration Portal (Click here)
2. Fill up two online forms provided in the portal and carry
   Print out of above two pages.
3. Remit KSNC Fees, and carry Payment receipt  (Click here)
4. Book an Appointment, and carry confirmation print out (Click here)
5. Carry Print out of Application Print if it is generated?
6. Carry all required original certificates
7. Carry one set of Xerox of certificates  
8. Visit KSNC on the day of appointment.

What nurses have to do when they visit KSNC?

Certain jobs can be completed thru KSNC portal, but to complete the entire work nurses have to visit KSNC personally with prior appointment. They have to carry all certificates in original and one set of Xerox and submit to KSNC for verification. Remaining jobs are done at KSNC, like verification of certificates, Scanning and Uploading of your certificates on their Server, Bio-metric processes – like taking photo, signature and finger prints,etc.   

Entry to KSNC is thru Token System only.

Nurses have to come early to KSNC, and stand in the ‘Q’ outside to take Tokens. During peak season there will heave rush, and nurses reach KSNC early morning and stand in the ‘Q’ for tokens.   And even after entry, you are called or attended at various sections not according to token serial numbers. To throttle token the system, the staff work new tactic - call nurse’s by names. This is to give preferential treatment to Nurses come with recommendations or pushed in by agents without appointment. Such privileged nurses complete their registration and leave the premises very fast. Whereas the honest nurses who have appointment and even received early tokens are sometimes treated mercilessly to wait for long, particularly when you question the staff against the mischief, then they will punish you by calling you last.

Why not KSNC accept nurses according to time allotted?

If you are honest and all your papers are intact, still you have to wait inordinately for hours. Majority of nurses are visiting KSNC with prior appointment, and with a fixed time. Then why KSNC is issuing tokens on first come first serve basis? The staff at the basement, check each nurse’s documents and print copy of appointment confirmed, and write “token number” on it. They say token numbers are allotted on “first come first basis”, however, the top authorities should check whether the tokens are issued sometimes on “on preferential basis” also.

How Andhra Nursing Council and Telangana Nursing Council provide Super-Fast Services to Nurses-?

The State Nursing Councils in India, like Andhra State Nursing Council (APNMC-click here), and Telengana State Nursing Council (TSNMC-click here)  where nurses can avail any services without any appointment, without any personal visit to their respective councils. Everything is possible thru their Registration Portals by paying online fees and uploading necessary documents if required. Hyderabad is an IT hub. The officials and staff are punctual and honest in these part of the country. That is the reason entire work is done thru their Registration Portals.

What is lacking in KSNC management?

Bangalore is also an IT hub like Hyderabad.  Why not KSNC emulate APNMC or TSNMC?  Answer is simple and straight. Anyone visiting KSNC can understand that. There is no honest WILL from the management to improve the system.  IT industry in India has achieved many heights in these years and they are competent enough to supply and install latest software in Nursing Councils for faster process of online applications.


All state nursing councils in India, including KSNC, should allow the nurses to complete all types of services, thru their respective registration portals only. Central Health & other State Health Ministries know there are shortage of around 50,000 nurses in India at this moment. All hospitals are running without sufficient nurses. Hence nurses find it difficult to get leave from their hospitals to visit their Nursing Council to avail of any service.  It is a crime to ask nurses to visit personally to state nursing councils, each and every time they need a service.

Finally the Prayer

My endeavor is to teach nurses various registration processes and procedures in various State Nursing Councils (SNCs) in India, and endow them self-reliant. The Nursing Community deserve more respect from the Nursing Councils in India, don’t harass them, help them with faster services, let them serve the human society more better with our love and affection.



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