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Friday, May 29, 2020

How to get Goodstanding certificate from Andhra Nursing Council

How to get Foreign Verification Certificate or Goodstanding certificate from Andhra Nursing Council - Complete guidance

How to apply for Foreign Verification / and or Good standing certificate from APNMC? Candidates studied nursing in Andhra Pradesh State and registered in APNMC and / or worked or presently working in any Hospitals in the said State can apply online for Good Standing Certificate.  Experience Certificate from a Hospital in Andhra Pradesh is necessary for getting the Good Standing Certificate.

Now learn how to apply online.

Open APNMC Regn Portal for Goodstanding (Click here)For Verification and Good Standing there is a single Form available online, which the candidate has to fill up and submit.

Online Form - Verification / Good Standing Certificate
1.    Candidate’s Name (as per the APNMC Registration Certificate)
2.    Date of Birth (Use the Calendar to fill up DOB)

Course Details

3.    Select the State from you studied Nursing
4.    Course Type – Choose your Nursing Qualification from the menu.
5.    Course training at – Select the college you studied
6.    Fill up Course training at for other states –
7.    Fill up Registration Number – Nurse
8.    Fill up Registration Number – Midwife
9.    Fill up Registration Number -  Phn
10. Fill up Registration Number -  Health worker
11. Fill up Regn Date                 -         
12. Fill up Regn valid upto         -          
13. Fill up Renewal date            -
14. Fill up Verification for which Country –

Candidate’s Communication details:

15.     Fill up valid Mobile Number  -  Provide personal mobile number only
16.     Fill up valid Email ID              -  Provide personal Email ID only

Before submitting the application, check the details again. The system will generate your online application receipt. Take a print out. After successful submission of online registration form, you will be taken to ONLINE PAYMENT GATEWAY (SBI Collect) to TSNMC Fees Rs.1000 towards Good Standing Certificate. After successful payment online Payment Receipt will be generated.  Take out a print.

Documents to be submitted along with Written Request Letter on plain paper.

(a)     Application on white paper and mention for good standing certificate.
(b)     Application online print out/ or Application Online Receipt.
(c)      Photocopy of Registration Certificates (RN & RM)/Renewal Receipt
(d)     Photo copy of SSC Certificate
(e)     Photo copy of recent experience letter certifying the competency of the 
       employee by the Employer. If not working for more than 1 year as on 
      date, an affidavit by self-declaration in original with reasons.
(f)     Final year Marks Card.
(g)   Online Payment Receipt (Rs 1000)

Prepare a Request Letter on plain paper, addressed to The Registrar, APNMC, Vijayawada. Clearly mention your name, full address, Registration Number, Regn Date, and also Full address of the Foreign Nursing Council, their Email ID, and Contact Numbers. In the subject: mention Request for Goodstanding Certificate. Attach all relevant documents and send it by post or submit personally. The Goodstanding Certificate is a confidential document, which will be couriered directly to the concerned authorities by the council and APNMC will inform you accordingly.

Send the documents to :   Click here to view APNMC Contact Details



  1. Should all the certificate to be notarise

  2. We have to submit online only or have send by post

  3. How many days will take to receive good standing certificate?

  4. I already applied by online please tell me next procedure

    1. Contact APNMC in case they did not send the verification. They are very cooperative and always give answers to your phone calls

    2. I was trying to contact apnc,but nobody answering the call..
      I have applied for CAP Newzealand but they gave me a varification form fill with Andhra Pradesh nursing council and send them back directly from the nursing council,so can I apply through foreign varification? Somebody can reply for this.. thanks

    3. Yes you can apply for CAP Newzealand Verification thru online. If possible documents submit personally after submitting it online.

      Apply online
      Pay fees online
      Take both print out
      Send both above print copies alongwith other required documents mentioned in the instructions (See Fee structure for details)
      Send a request letter to The registrar. Good luck

  5. I did my apnmc renewal online, but still the application is under process. How can i follow up this, pls reply. Thankyou.

  6. How can I get my renewed certificate

    1. Write to me in details to

  7. Hello ,
    I am Jugmeet singh. I have done nursing in 2016. Now I am working ing Germany. I need Good standing certificate for utter Pradesh nursing councle. Can you help me.

    1. Yes, I am helping the nursing community from all States in India. Write to me :

  8. I am applying online for good standing certificate for nurses from APNMC.They are asking state and type of institution or corporate While taking to the payment. What to write in the place of type of institution or corporate? PLEASE HELP ME.

  9. State ? means TELANGANA or ANDHRA PRADESH, how to find it, where is your college situated now ? in Telangana ? then your Nursing Council is TSNMC. If it is in Andhra Pradesh, then your Nursing Council is Andhra Pradesh.

    Institutions: choose Educational Institutions.

    Then make payment
    Good luck

  10. Hi sir I've applied for good standing certificate online and submitted required documents mannually to the APNMC VIJAYAWADA. How long it may take to get the certificate,?? And how will I get it?? By post? Or I need to go and collect? Or They will send to my college?

    1. You have to contact them. Verification certificate will be sent directly to the foreign party. I hope you have submitted handwritten application alongwith foreign regulatory authority address. APNMC has a separate Email ID for their Verification Department, so please get the Email ID from their enquiry and submit any missing documents. After despatch, they will inform you by mail

    2. How can I apply for good standing certificate

  11. Hi brother, how much time it will take to get the both good standard certificate and verification certificate?

    1. From APNMC ????
      During the period of previous Registrar they were issuing certificates immediately, nowadays it takes lot of time.

  12. Hi sir, can you please advice, how to receive the good standing certificate? Through mail or directly?

  13. I applied for good standing certificate online. Can I download from the website itself?

  14. I applied for good standing certificate online.
    I sent all documents to Nursing council by post.

    There is no reply from them for a month now.
    Their phone no. is not working.
    Is there any other way to contact them.

  15. What all certificates can be retrieve?


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