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Saturday, May 9, 2020

NMC UK Online Verification from KSNC

Online  KSNC Verification  to  NMC-UK. 

For online Verification from KSNC to NMC-UK, before visiting KSNC, you have to Register on NMC-UK registration portal, fill up online forms and remit their Fees online.  After successful registration and payment, NMC will automatically send EMAIL to KSNC for their reply. Candidate will get a confirmation mail with their Application Reference Number.

Next step is to complete the formalities with the KSNC Registration portal online. Detailed steps explained below.

Step 1: Create a User ID and Password on KSNC website:

Step 2: Fill up two Online Forms:
Personal Information page and Contact Information Page

Step 3: KSNC Fees to be paid online
(To learn the process - Click here)

Step-4: Schedule your Appointment:
(To learn the process - Click here)

Step 5: Application Print:
Normally “Application print” is available only if you are doing all the processes in one day, i.e. Remitting KSNC Fees and Taking Appointment in a single day. Application Print is WONT BE GENERATED if you are remitting the KSNC fees today and taking Appointment on A LATER DATE.  (Important note Due to lock-down and quarantine restrictions, candidates from other states are not allowed at the moment, hence booking of Appointment thru portal is not yet available.  However, nurses from Karnataka and other states already in this state for sometime, who have no quarantine restrictions, can visit KSNC without appointment.  Submit a request letter to the Registrar and seek special permission to do your registration/ renewal/ verification/ good standing etc)

Step 6: Documents forwarding by Email
Keep all scanned documents ready in a separate folder in .pdf format and forward to BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THEY WILL TAKE ACTION . SUCCESS GUARANTEE LESS THAN 20%.  If you are visiting KSNC carry one set of following photo copies.  SUCCESS GUARANTEE 100%

(1) KSNC Registration Certificate,
(2) Foreign Council Verification Application Form,
(3) Final Year Marks Card + Diploma/Degree Certificate +
Course Completion Certificate
(4) 10th Marks Card,
(5) Aadhar or Passport
(6) Experience Certificate from Karnataka Hospital (Required for Goodstanding)

Plus carry following papers or send it by Email to:

(a) Request Letter
(b) Personal Information & Contact Information Page - 1 copy each
(c) Payment Receipt 3 copies
(d) Appointment print out 1 copy
(Screen shot or SMS message, or Application print)

There is no guarantee they will demand all the above papers. It is at the discretion of the staff who attend you to demand all above papers or none of them. To avoid harassment keep the above papers ready with you.

Now, you are ready to visit KSNC and submit necessary copy of documents if they ask. KSNC will send their Verification Reply to NMC, UK instantly THROUGH EMAIL ONLY. Within 10 working days the candidate will get CONFIRMATION MAIL from NMC indicating their verification from KSNC is received. Meanwhile the candidate also can log into their NMC online account and check the progress of their online Verification.

Important-1Nurses who has already having KSNC Online Account and also his/her photo is uploaded onto the account, can apply thru Email.  In most cases KSNC will accept such requests from candidates and promptly reply to NMC, UK. 

Important-2:  It is often found that after successfully sending KSNC Verification, NMC again send email to the candidate and request to send Goodstanding certificate also from KSNC. So when you contact/or visit KSNC for Verification please clear this aspect also. If KSNC insist you to pay Rs 2000 for Goodstanding Certificate, then pay online  and submit the receipt to KSNC.  Request them to reply to NMC accordingly.

If you want to learn the step by step process of NMC Verification, you can watch following Video. Click here


  1. Hi sir,for goodstanding from ksnc for nmc processing do we need to submitt still working certificate from karnataka or old experience is enough.

    1. Yes you have to submit Still working or latest experience certificate to KSNC then only Goodsanding possible. Those who are not able to do goodstanding do Foreign Verification that is acceptable. In case of 2nd stage verification NMC sent to KSNC you can contact NMC and request them - they will send second email reply to NMC. No fees involved

  2. Hi sir I don't have experience in Karnataka state and I need to get good standing from KSNC for 2nd stage of NMC registration... So what I suppose to do, my Karnataka registration is valid still.. can u please help me?

    1. Oh ! very sad. I missed this query and I am extremely sorry for my lapse.

      I know by replying now, it wont benefit you. Hope the answer will guide the followers of this site.

      For 2nd state verification there is no now fees. Just visit the council and request them. They will give the reply by mail to NMC

  3. Hi sir, for booking an appointment with Ksnc, I paid Rs.2000 twice by mistake.. How can I get 1 payment back

  4. Hi sir, for booking an appointment with Ksnc, I paid Rs.2000 twice by mistake.. How can I get 1 payment back

    1. You can apply for refund.
      1. Take both payment receipts one copy each from your KSNC online account (receipt section)
      2. Write a request letter addressed to The Registrar, KSNC, Bangalore-9 in your own handwriting detailing the incident, and give the details of Account Name, Account Number, Bank Name, Branch Name, Card Name details from which these payments done.
      3. Visit KSNC and submit the above documents to Accounts Department of KSNC, at first floor.
      4. They will refund the payment within 20 to 30 days to the Account from which the payment is done to KSNC.

  5. Hello sir. Please does lock down affect foreign verification at karnataka nursing council.?

    1. It affects definitely, since people cannot move out freely of visit KSNC. However write to my email

  6. OK sir, but what if I'm able to go there, will they answer me or is it closed?

    1. When you cannot reach there , what is the logic of asking same questions again

  7. What should I do to get good standing certificate from ksnc if I am a fresh graduate...

  8. Hi sir..i did my foreign verification on 29th june.After a month stilli didn't respond so when i visited Ksnc they told me that i upload wrong certificate. After contacting NMC now i have upload my karantaka certificate. I TRIED CONTACTING THEM BUT CAN'T REACH THEM .

  9. Hi sir..i did my foreign verification on 29th june.After a month stilli didn't respond so when i visited Ksnc they told me that i upload wrong certificate. After contacting NMC now i have upload my karantaka certificate. I TRIED CONTACTING THEM BUT CAN'T REACH THEM .


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