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Monday, August 31, 2020

Procedures for NOC from KSNC to TNNMC

Procedures simply explained

Students from Karnataka and also from other states, who studied nursing in Karnataka state have to do Bio-metric registration with Karnataka State Nursing Council (KSNC). On successful registration as a Registered Nurse, they are free to work in any Hospitals, Nursing Home, Clinic, etc  in Karnataka State. KSNC is the Parent Nursing Council (PNC) for such students, and they are the authority to issue KSNC Registration Certificate, and subsequent services, such as, Renewal, issue of NOC, Verification Certificate, Good standing Certificate, etc.

Nurses who are possessing KSNC Registration Certificate can migrate to any other Indian States and work there.  When you shift from one State to another you have to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous nursing council and submit to new nursing council to facilitate smooth transfer. There is no uniform rules for NOC procedures, and it differs from one council to another.  This article will teach you how to get NOC from KSNC to (Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council) TNNMC.

1.   Since you are already registered with KSNC, you have Log-In User ID and Password with which you can log-in to KSNC Registration Portal. Those who forgot Password can retrieve the Password through “Forgot Password” option.

2.  Please remember, KSNC will issue NOC to all those candidates whose Registration is active and valid (means inactive or expired) in KSNC.  If your KSNC Registration is expired, no need to renew it like other State Nursing Councils in India, for  applying NOC.

3.  In case you done Physical Registration before 2017 you have not done Biometric Process and must be possessing OLD Registration Certificate. Such candidates have to create your User ID and Password on KSNC Registration Portal and fill up online forms – Personal Information, Contact Information, remit NOC Fees and take appointment.

4. Those done Biometric Registration from 2018, their Personal Information, Contact Information, Educational Qualification pages have been already updated on KSNC Server, hence such candidates have to take just print out - one copy each - of all above three pages and 3 copies of Payment Receipt.

5.   Remit Payment:  Proceed to “Payment” section and choose “Payment Type”  “NOC” and Pay KSNC Fees Rs 500 online.  Before making payment, the system will prompt you to choose the name of State Nursing Council to which NOC to be despatched.  Select “Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council” from the list, and then remit the payment thru Debit/ATM or Credit Card, as well as Internet Banking.  

6. You have to surrender your original KSNC Registration Certificate.  Please take Color copy of the certificate and keep for your future use.

Take Appointment:  If booking of Appointment is enabled on Registration Portal, book a convenient day and time and take out the print and submit to KSNC. Otherwise visit KSNC on working days early and request.

7. While submitting the above documents, KSNC will provide one Envelope.  You write down your Home Address or Professional Address.  They will send your NOC by Registered Post in that envelope within 20 days to 30 days.   The original NOC they will send by Registered Post to Tamil Nadu Nursing Council.  

8. After getting the NOC in your hand, you can apply for Reciprocal Registration online with TNNMC Registration Portal and you can upload the copy you received on TNNMC registration portal. (Click here to learn)


  1. MY BSc nursing degree certificate have not received yet from RAJIV GANDHI HEALTH UNIVERSITYBANGLORE only I got PROVISIONAL DEGREE CERTIFICATE . i registered in KSNC and appliying for NOC from KSNC The TNNMC asking for DEGREE CERTIFICATE for registering there is PDC certificate enough for regestering in tTNNMC?

  2. send your RGUHS Register Number to 9591160117

  3. Sir
    Is it possible to apply NOC in KSNC by family member in case in my absence with original certificate for surrender

    1. Yes take an authorisation letter from the candidate and submit

  4. Hi sir, I didn't get the attested at my pdc, transcript, course completion &TC.remaining 10,12&gnmcertificate I got the attested from my college principles, I can possible to register my certificate to ksnc.

  5. I was done my noc in karnataka nursing council at last month.still now i didnt get my traking no.i cant communicate nd contact them.1 mob no only available they didnt pickup.lots of time i was tried..How can i get it ?

  6. Sir
    I was done my noc in karnataka nursing council at last month.still now i didnt get my Delhi registration s can I get NOC varification?

  7. Sir .can you help me.i want to change my karnadaka registration to tamilnadu.


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