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Thursday, May 27, 2021

How to get NOC from TNNMC - Procedures explained.

 How to get NOC from TNNMC – Procedures simply explained

All Nurses registered in Tamil Nadu Nursing Council wish to migrate to other state for higher studies or for job purpose have to take “No objection Certificate” (NOC) from TNNMC and submit to the Other  State Nursing Council for Reciprocal Registration. Here I will explain the procedures “how to apply for NOC in TNNMC”:-

(1)           NOC from TNNMC to Delhi Nursing Council (DNC), Uttar Pradesh Nurses & Midwives Council (UPNMC), Haryana Nurses & Nurse- Midwives Council (HNNMC)


(2)           NOC from TNNMC to Other State Nursing Council in India (except DNC, UPNMC, HNNMC).

If you are migrating to Delhi, UP or Haryana, there are certain conditions. You have to apply first for Reciprocal Registration in these state nursing councils and pay their registration fees. They will verify your original certificates and send NOC request letter to TNNMC. In some sates it is called Clarification Letter/Reference Letter and some state nursing councils give a copy of this letter to the candidate also so that they can contact your parent nursing council. Normally they inform TNNMC that the candidate has approached them for reciprocal registration hence they want the NOC from TNNMC. 

After receiving this NOC Request letter, your council TNNMC will not issue the NOC directly, unless you approach TNNMC and apply thru their registration portal and pay their NOC Fees.  So you have to contact TNNMC thru email, phone or personally or thru your authorized agent and collect the Reference Number and Date of above said NOC Request Letter. This is required to apply thru above registration portal of TNNMC.

Other than Delhi, UP and Haryana, nurses migrating to other states need not go thru this process. They can directly apply for NOC to Tamil Nadu Nursing Council.

1.    Nurses or nursing students can watch Demo Videos or read Instructions in English without log-in to the registration portal on NOC and Verification Portal (Click here)

2.     However to apply for NOC nurses have to sign-in to above portal.

3.   Those who are new, have to sign up first to create their Online Account, activate the account and log in again to apply.

4.   This article is exclusively for explaining the procedures to apply for NOC for those migrating to other states,

5.    Remember this website is exclusively for (1) Applying for NOC (for those migrating to other states) (2) Surrendering NOC received from other States (for those returning to Tamil Nadu and wants to surrender the NOC and revive their old registration) (3) For Applying Foreign Verification. And this article is exclusively to explain and teach the procedures of how to apply for NOC (for those migrating to other states).

TNNMC has uploaded a Demo Video in Tamil on their registration portal. 

6.    After log in, new candidates have to upload their color passport size photo in JPG/JPEG format. You can crop the size online. And click on APPLY NOC link on the left panel.  Thereafter > New “NOC Request”. Click open this page and apply.

7.   In the next page, you can see REQUEST NOC INSTRUCTIONS, for DELHI/UP/HARYANA and for OTHER STATES in INDIA. You can click on Instructions link read it. Tick on TNNMC terms, accept it and proceed to “Apply for Request NOC” on far right and click to open it.

8.   You have to fill up the details and upload the requested documents in the next page.

(a)     Requested Nursing Council:  This can be either Delhi/UP or Haryana or any other state nursing council.  You can choose the Nursing Council in the state you are migrating.


(b)          NOC Reference Letter No & Date: 

Fill up these details in the columns provided, which you collected from TNNMC.  This is applicable to those migrating to Delhi / UP and Haryana.  For others leave this column blank.

(c)            Choose appropriate reason:

(Purpose of NOC) i.e.  Higher studies or Job purpose.

Note-1: Students going for higher studies, have to upload BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE in PDF format (in case of multiple pages).


Note-2: Nurses who want NOC for job purpose should upload APPOINTMENT LETTER/ JOB OFFER LETTER in PDF format (in case of multiple pages).

(d)            Surrender Reason / Remarks:  

You have to surrender your TNNMC Registration Certificate back to TNNMC. Because upon issue of NOC, your registration with TNNMC will be treated as expired/ cancelled/ or inactive.   So fill up this column like this “Got job in ______ (hospital name) and hence moving to ________” (name of the state).

(e)       Upload Registration Certificate:  Scan and upload your TNNMC Registration Certificate (RN-Nurse).

(f)         Upload Registration Certificate:  Scan and upload your TNNMC Registration Certificate (RM-Midwife).

Note:  Those who have only one Registration Certificate should upload the same twice.

Save and continue


(g)         Fill up Communication Details on next page, such as Father Name, Marital Status, full Address, Country, State, District, Pin Code, Mobile Number and Email ID.

 Save and continue 


(h)         Next Request NOC acknowledgement page will be displayed. Take a print out and wait for Admin Approval of your Application.


(i)       Check your Email after 2-3 days. If you received approval letter, then log in to your account and click open APPLY NOC link, and view REQUESTED NOC HISTORY page and pay fees.

(j)           Pay fees Rs 200 online thru Debit, Credit, ATM Cards or thru Net Banking.

(k)         After Payment, book an appointment date and take the print out of the Acknowledgement Receipt and visit TNNMC.

(l)        While visiting TNNMC, carry original documents as follows:-

· Online Payment Acknowledg1e Slip with appointment date.

·   TNNMC Registration Certificates (RN/RM) with ID card to be surrendered.

·  If you done renewal earlier, surrender that certificate also.

(m)   Collect your NOC from TNNMC personally or thru your authorized person.                            



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