Friday, December 24, 2021

Nursing related process-oriented free articles


To all my followers,

All articles in reprobangalore were accidentally deleted and irrecoverably lost.  I know it will be a great loss for the entire nursing community. We put in several years of research before publishing around 70 articles useful for the nursing community.  All lost due to some technical mistake.  It will be difficult to restore the site without any back up. However, the site will be reconstructed in a new format with a *single article* per each state nursing councils in India.  I am not connected to or authorized by any nursing councils in India, so the readers should always contact their respective nursing councils and get updated with actual processes involved.  All state nursing councils in India have their own rules, procedures and processes which varies from one state nursing council to another. 

We are not representing any state nursing councils in India.  We are not authorized to talk on their behalf.  Kindly note, is not working as a Help Desk of any nursing councils in India. I prefer to be a private person sharing my knowledge and experience in my personal capacity, at free of cost to the nursing community thru simply-explained brief articles or thru comments section provided under such articles.  Readers can contact me thru email thru

Article Topics:

1.  Primary Registration (First registration in the same state you studied nursing)

2.  Reciprocal Registration (Registration transfer from one state to another)

3. No Objection Certificate (NOC required for transfer of registration from one state to another)

4. Corrections on marks cards and certificates (nursing councils, nursing boards, universities).

5.  Duplicate marks cards/ certificates  (nursing councils, nursing boards, universities).

6. Foreign Verification / Goodstanding certificates (nursing councils, nursing boards, universities).

No one will attempt to contact me personally, or thru phone.  No one will offer money.  Yours truly is not doing any processes directly.  Expect answers to your queries thru comment section or email.

Repro-B - Always for Free Help


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