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Hi, the Indian Nursing Community,

Most Welcome to our “About Us” page. “Repro Bangalore” is an educational blog strictly to educate Indian Nurses.

Save one life and anyone is a star, save one hundred lives and you are a nurse. No Award, No Reward. A nurse will always give us hope. She is an angel with a stethoscope.

Total 28 Indian States and 8 Union Territories. According to a report placed before the Rajya Sabha by the Government on March 2020, India has approximately 3,070,000 registered nurses, including women health visitors and auxiliary nurses and midwives.

Since there are so many opportunities across Indian States and Abroad for registered nurses, thousands of nurses are migrating from state to another, from country to another. They all have to register in the state they have studied, and also to register in the State Nursing Council they are migrating. All the States have enacted different-different rules and procedures in their State Nursing Councils for various types of registration processes. Most of the staff employed in respective state nursing councils are working under pressure, and they are rude to visiting nurses for obtaining any services. Nowadays nurses have been provided basic computer education in India, however they are not competent enough to do online processes introduced by different State Nursing Councils.

Here comes my role. My simple policy is “Learn and educate others”. I am here to impart free education to Nurses across India visiting various State Nursing Councils. We want to make them self-reliant of various rules, procedures and processes of all Indian Nursing Councils, which would help nurses when they visit a particular State Nursing Council. It is an herculean task to cover all Indian state nursing councils. It may take months and years and hundreds of articles. My humble start is from KSNC-Karnataka State Nursing Council, and slowly pick up other states too!

My main aim is to provide clear, factual and important details and updates from all Indian state nursing councils. Repro Bangalore website offers unique contents only. There may be bloggers providing outdated contents, with nil updates. Our primary focus will be on latest updates and procedures and we guarantee that. Just bless us in our endeavor.


For Kaup Board, Biometric Registration, Renewal, Refreshing - Documents Uploading Done here

BAMS, BUMS, BNMS doctors can scan and upload their certificates online on KAUP BOARD's Registration Portal. Take Appointment thru Email: After getting confirmation mail from Kaup Board visit them personally for BIO-METRIC REGIST-RATION, RENEWAL, REFRESH, etc.

For all types of Online Applications, Scanning & Uploading certificates, Online Payment, Print Out, Xerox, Lamination, Broadband Internet Cafe, unlimited download and upload, Free Wi-Fi, Contact: REPROGRAPHICS SERVICES, 1st Floor, Next to JP Cordial Hotel, 2 Minutes from Kaup Board office on S.C. Road, Bangalore.

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