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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Apply for Foreign Verification online to UP Nursing Council

 Foreign Verification from UPNMC - Apply online - Procedures simply explained

UP Nurses and Midwives Council has introduced foreign verification online from April 15th 2021.  This step they have taken up due to corona spread in UP, and as a precaution to curtail nurses’ personal visit to the council to submit application for Foreign Verification. Sadly, the step is only partially implemented, there is no online forms provided, no documents uploading possible, fees cannot be paid online.  The only thing they published is a Notice in Hindi, to download the Verification Form, Fill up the form, attach a list of certificates, enclose a DD for Rs 5000 drawn in favour of “The Registrar, UP Nurses & Midwives Council, Lucknow”, and send by post or submit personally at the council.

We are not here to complain, in fact we are here to explain the procedures, so that nurses can learn it, apply themselves and avoid agents.

Use Google Chrome and open  On the Home Page in the LATEST NEWS section you can find a links:  Foreign Verification – UPNMMC in red fonts.  Click open the link and read the NECESSARY GUIDELINES in Hindi (आवश्यक दिशा निर्देश). 

How to apply for the Foreign Verification, the Council have given the guidelines, which are explained below:-

“Foreign Verification Certificate” or “Goodstanding Certificate” both are available in the Download link provided on left panel of the home page.

Take a colour print of the required Form.

Fill up the form using a computer and the candidate in CAPITAL letters.

1.   Name of the candidate in full and address:

Maiden Name (Type your name as per UPNMC Regn Certificate)

Married Name (In case married and changed your name)

Address (As given on the UPNMC Regn Certificate)

2.   Father Name  (As given in UP Regn Certificate)

3.   Present Address (The address given in the Passport or Aadhar Card)

4.   Active Mobile Number  (In case of future contacts)

5.   Active Email ID  (In case of letter communication)

6.   Professional Qualification  (Your Nursing Diploma or Degree)

7.   Name of the Training Center  (This is exactly mentioned in your UPNMC Regn Certificate)

8.   Registration Number & Date (Check your UPNMC Regn certificate)

9.   Place where you worked with full details (Enclose Experience certificates. In case you have not worked few years, you can submit a Declaration with reasons)

 (Type your Name and do signature)

Write your Present address, Email ID and Contact Numbers


a.   A request application letter, addressed to The Registrar, UP Nurses and Midwives council, Lucknow and stress on following points.  (a) Your brief introduction, such as, Your Name, UP Registration Number and Date, your designation, present address, and reasons for this application for Foreign Verification or Goodstanding, and to be sent to whom, their full address, contact number, email id (if any) of the Foreign Council which is mentioned in the Foreign Verification Form.  If there is no particular Foreign Verification form issued by the Foreign Council, compulsorily submit a request letter like this and give their full address and request them to send the certificate directly to that address only directly.  

b.   Foreign Verification form which you downloaded from UPNMC website, duly filled and signed.

c.   Self attested 10th marks card or 10th Admit Card (proof of date of birth)

d.   Self attested 12th marks card

e.   Self attested Nursing marks cards  of all years

f.    Self attested Course completion certificate

g.   Self attested Diploma/Degree Certificate

h.   UPNMC Registration certificate

i.     All experience certificates from the date of your UP Nursing Registration Date to till date.  If not worked in between any years, mention the reason, such as higher study, marriage, sickness, etc.

j.    Demand Draft for Rs. 5000 drawn in favour of “The Registrar, UP Nurses and Midwives Council, Lucknow”

Send all above documents to the following address by Speed Post, or Registered Post or by Courier or submit personally.

Up Nurses and Midwives Council,

5, Sarvpalli, Mall Avenue Road,


Phone: 0522-2238846, 2236600



Sunday, September 13, 2020

Apply for Foreign Verification from DNC

Apply for Foreign Verification from Delhi Nursing Council
How to apply - Full guidance

Candidates who apply for Overseas Verification from DNC, read the procedures explained below carefully, and apply by yourself.  Avoid agents and save your hard earned money.

Prepare your Application on plain paper in your own handwriting. Mention your Name and Address, Telephone Number, and mobile Number.  The application should be addressed to The Registrar, Delhi Nursing Council, A.B. college of Nursing Building, L.N. Hospital, New Delhi-110002, E-mail ID:, Tel. No. 011-23238304, 011-23231633, along with xerox copies of following documents.

Application/Request Letter Format:
Subject: “Request for Overseas Verification from DNC to be issued directly to ______________.   (Mention the name and address of the Overseas Nursing Authority, their Email-ID, and Contact Number)

Reference:  “Write your Name, DNC Registration Number, Registration Date, and Registration Valid upto ________.  (Mention the validity date).

In the body of the letter, tell them the reasons why you need Overseas Verification, i.e. for Employment/ study/ or any registration process. Mention you enclosed all copies of following documents, duly attested. Submit the documents personally or thru your Agent, or by speed Post. Send soft copy of the documents by Email: 

Documents to be enclosed
1.   Two recent color photographs in Passport size with white background with hairs neatly tied to the back.
2.   10th certificate (to verify candidate’s name, father name and date of birth). If any of the above information missing, then add 10th Admit Card also.
3.   12th certificate (to verify candidate’s name, father name and date of birth)
4.   DNC Registration Certificate (both sides)
5.   GNM Diploma or BSc/MSc Degree certificate (both sides)
6.   GNM/BSc/PBBSc/MSc Marks cards
7. Marriage Certificate/ Govt. Office order/ Copy of Voter Card/ Affidavit on Rs 20 stamp paper, duly notarized.
8.   Conduct certificate from the Employer
9.   Experience certificate from the Employer
10. Payment of Foreign Verification Fees is 50 US Dollars, and the amount is to be paid in Cash or NEFT/RTGS in Indian Currency as per the present Exchange value.  If you are submitting Application personally, pay the fees by cash. If you are authorizing any one to submit your application, send him with your authorization letter and pay the Fees by cash.  If you are sending the application by speed post, then enclose NEFT/RTGS Payment Receipt.
11. Collect your payment receipt from DNC on submission of your application if you or your representative are visiting personally.
12.     One recent passport size photo with white background with hair tied neatly at the back.
13.     Aadhar Card both sides in single page is mandatory to submit.

Delhi Nursing council will take 15-30 days to issue the Certificate of Overseas Verification directly to respective Foreign Nursing Council/ Authority/ Regulatory Body by Speed Post. If the candidate wants they can collect personally the SEALED ENVELOPE or thru their agent with authorization letter from the candidate can collect the SEALED ENVELOPE from DNC after 15-30 days.  Remember, if you are collecting it, send/courier it to the foreign authority without tampering the sealed envelope. In case the overseas authority wants the Certificate directly from DNC, mention that point in your Application/Request letter to the Registrar, so that they can send the Verification directly to the Overseas Body. For dispatch details you have to contact DNC later.


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