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Friday, October 2, 2020

How to Apply for Duplicate Certificate from RGUHS

How to Apply for Duplicate Certificate from RGUHS What is the procedures to get Duplicate Degree Certificate from Rajiv Gandhi University? This article will give you complete guidance how to apply and get it by post. Step-1 Download the Prescribed “Application form Duplicate Certificate” from RGUHS website. Take a print out and fill up your details, and sign it. Submit the Application to your College Principal and get his/her signature and Seal of the College/Principal. Otherwise request your College Principal and obtain her attested Application form by post. This original Application to be submitted to RGUHS. Step-2 Give a written complaint to your nearest Police Station, or at the nearest police station you lost your Degree certificate. Register a complaint, and get an FIR copy. You can register your FIR thru online, if you are in Bangalore. Take print out of the FIR. Step-3 Prepare an Affidavit on Rs 100 stamp paper giving details of the lost Certificate. You are preparing this affidavit for requesting the University to get a Duplicate copy of the certificate. Get the Attestation from a First Class Judicial Magistrate on it, or get it Notarized. Step-4 Payment of Fees for Duplicate Certificate thru Bill Desk (Click Here) Fill up all fields and proceed to pay the fees and complete payment online. Payment Receipt with Transaction Reference Number will be forwarded to your email. Enter the Number in the Online Application Form. Step-5 Submit following documents 1. Prescribed Application form duly filled in by the student and signed in and sealed by College Principal 2. Copy of police complaint/FIR copy 3. Notarized Affidavit (Rs100) 4. Details of payment made online 5. Passport size photo 6. Copy of lost Degree Certificate 7. Copies of All Marks Cards 8. Course Completion certificate Send it by Registered Post/ or Speed Post. You can submit the documents at the counter of the RGUHS personally also.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Apply for Foreign Verification from DNC

Apply for Foreign Verification from Delhi Nursing Council
How to apply - Full guidance

Candidates who apply for Overseas Verification from DNC, read the procedures explained below carefully, and apply by yourself.  Avoid agents and save your hard earned money.

Prepare your Application on plain paper in your own handwriting. Mention your Name and Address, Telephone Number, and mobile Number.  The application should be addressed to The Registrar, Delhi Nursing Council, A.B. college of Nursing Building, L.N. Hospital, New Delhi-110002, E-mail ID:, Tel. No. 011-23238304, 011-23231633, along with xerox copies of following documents.

Application/Request Letter Format:
Subject: “Request for Overseas Verification from DNC to be issued directly to ______________.   (Mention the name and address of the Overseas Nursing Authority, their Email-ID, and Contact Number)

Reference:  “Write your Name, DNC Registration Number, Registration Date, and Registration Valid upto ________.  (Mention the validity date).

In the body of the letter, tell them the reasons why you need Overseas Verification, i.e. for Employment/ study/ or any registration process. Mention you enclosed all copies of following documents, duly attested. Submit the documents personally or thru your Agent, or by speed Post. Send soft copy of the documents by Email: 

Documents to be enclosed
1.   Two recent color photographs in Passport size with white background with hairs neatly tied to the back.
2.   10th certificate (to verify candidate’s name, father name and date of birth). If any of the above information missing, then add 10th Admit Card also.
3.   12th certificate (to verify candidate’s name, father name and date of birth)
4.   DNC Registration Certificate (both sides)
5.   GNM Diploma or BSc/MSc Degree certificate (both sides)
6.   GNM/BSc/PBBSc/MSc Marks cards
7. Marriage Certificate/ Govt. Office order/ Copy of Voter Card/ Affidavit on Rs 20 stamp paper, duly notarized.
8.   Conduct certificate from the Employer
9.   Experience certificate from the Employer
10. Payment of Foreign Verification Fees is 50 US Dollars, and the amount is to be paid in Cash or NEFT/RTGS in Indian Currency as per the present Exchange value.  If you are submitting Application personally, pay the fees by cash. If you are authorizing any one to submit your application, send him with your authorization letter and pay the Fees by cash.  If you are sending the application by speed post, then enclose NEFT/RTGS Payment Receipt.
11. Collect your payment receipt from DNC on submission of your application if you or your representative are visiting personally.
12.     One recent passport size photo with white background with hair tied neatly at the back.
13.     Aadhar Card both sides in single page is mandatory to submit.

Delhi Nursing council will take 15-30 days to issue the Certificate of Overseas Verification directly to respective Foreign Nursing Council/ Authority/ Regulatory Body by Speed Post. If the candidate wants they can collect personally the SEALED ENVELOPE or thru their agent with authorization letter from the candidate can collect the SEALED ENVELOPE from DNC after 15-30 days.  Remember, if you are collecting it, send/courier it to the foreign authority without tampering the sealed envelope. In case the overseas authority wants the Certificate directly from DNC, mention that point in your Application/Request letter to the Registrar, so that they can send the Verification directly to the Overseas Body. For dispatch details you have to contact DNC later.


Apply for NOC from Delhi Nursing Council

Apply for NOC - from Delhi Nursing Council
Full guidance

Candidates who apply for NOC please note that your Registration with DNC should be active and valid.  If your DNC Registration is expired, first renew your registration and then apply for NOC.

Prepare Application/Request Letter on plain paper in your own handwriting. Write your Name and Address, Telephone Number, and mobile Number.  The application should be addressed to The Registrar, Delhi Nursing Council, A.B. college of Nursing Building, L.N. Hospital, New Delhi-110002, E-mail ID:, Tel. No. 011-23238304, 011-23231633, along with following documents.

1.   Attach Original DNC original registration certificate. Take a color xerox of DNC Regn Certificate before surrendering and keep it for your future use.
2.   Payment of NOC fee in Cash of Rs. 250/. Pay this amount to DNC in Cash if you are visiting personally. If you are sending the documents by speed post, then pay the fees by Neft/Rtgs and enclose the Receipt.
3.   Collect your payment receipt on submission of your application if you are visiting personally.
4.   One recent passport size photo with white background with hair tied neatly at the back.
5.   Aadhar Card both sides in single page

Application Format:
Subject: “Request for NOC from DNC to be issued directly to __________________.   (Mention the name and address of the State Nursing Council you want DNC to send the NOC)

Reference:  “Write your Name, DNC Registration Number, Registration Date, and Registration Valid upto ________.  (Mention the validity date).
In the body of the letter, tell them the reasons why you need NOC to another nursing council. Tell them you paid the NOC Fees Rs. 250 by Cash or RTGS/NEFT and enclose the receipt. Enclose copy of following documents.  Submit the documents to DNC personally or by speed Post. Send soft copy of the documents by Email:

Delhi Nursing council will take 15-30 days to issue NOC letter directly to respective Nursing Council by Speed Post. The candidate personally can collect your copy after 15-30 days.  You can depute your representative with authorization letter and collect the candidate’s copy DNC. Collect NOC and follow the procedure of other nursing council for Reciprocal Registration.


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

KSNC Appointment - KSNC Online Payment


Nurses are unaware of latest updates from KSNC and lot of nurses are sending queries how to get appointment, since booking of appointment is disabled on KSNC Registration Portal. Since there are few changes in KSNC, and hence this information is updated here for the benefit of all Nursing Community.

ü  NURSES who wants to do Biometric Registration, Renewal, Verification, Good standing or to get any other services from KSNC, have to visit personally.

ü  LOG-IN TO KSNC ONLINE ACCOUNTIn case you have KSNC online account, log-in and pay KSNC Fees thru their Registration Portal

ü  CREATE KSNC ONLINE ACCOUNT & FILL UP ONLINE FORMSIf you are applying for the first time follow the instructions.  Create your online account – your User ID and Password, fill up forms – Personal Information and Contact Information pages, and take out print, one copy each of Personal Information and Contact Information pages. These copies you have to submit to KSNC*

ü  PAY KSNC FEES ONLINE THRU YOUR ABOVE ACCOUNTPay KSNC Fees under appropriate title online and take print, 3 copies of Payment Receipt. These copies you have to submit to KSNC**

ü  NO NEED OF SCANNING OR UPLOADING DOCUMENTSNo need of uploading any documents online. KSNC staff will do the same for you free inside. So carry all Original Certificates with you.

ü  ONE SET OF BLACK & WHITE XEROX OF ALL CERTIFICATESCarry one set of Black and White Xerox copies of your above certificates. These copies you have to submit to KSNC***

ü  CARRY ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES WITH YOUCarry all relative certificates in original for KSNC verification. In case you do not know which are the certificates required you can ask me.  Scanning and Uploading of your documents will be done by KSNC staff only. After verification KSNC will return all original certificates back to you****

ü FOR APPOINTMENT VISIT KSNC PERSONALLY EARLY MORNING AND STAND IN THE 'Q'. CARRY ALL YOUR ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES.  CARRY ONE SET OF BLACK AND WHITE XEROX.  CARRY PRINT OUT FROM YOUR KSNC ONLINE ACCOUNT, Personal Information, Contact Information pages- 1 copy each, Payment Receipts-3 copies: Nurses visiting KSNC for any of the above services should reach early morning and stand in Q.  at Main gate.  Nurses are reaching early morning and stand in Q from 6 am. First 30 candidates will get Free Entr when KSNC opens the Main Gate between 9.00 and 9.30. Sometime they allow more nurses, sometime they are strict. Those who failed to get free entry are found taking help of touts, agents, internet shops around by paying money.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Procedures for NOC from KSNC to TNNMC

Procedures simply explained

Students from Karnataka and also from other states, who studied nursing in Karnataka state have to do Bio-metric registration with Karnataka State Nursing Council (KSNC). On successful registration as a Registered Nurse, they are free to work in any Hospitals, Nursing Home, Clinic, etc  in Karnataka State. KSNC is the Parent Nursing Council (PNC) for such students, and they are the authority to issue KSNC Registration Certificate, and subsequent services, such as, Renewal, issue of NOC, Verification Certificate, Good standing Certificate, etc.

Nurses who are possessing KSNC Registration Certificate can migrate to any other Indian States and work there.  When you shift from one State to another you have to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous nursing council and submit to new nursing council to facilitate smooth transfer. There is no uniform rules for NOC procedures, and it differs from one council to another.  This article will teach you how to get NOC from KSNC to (Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council) TNNMC.

1.   Since you are already registered with KSNC, you have Log-In User ID and Password with which you can log-in to KSNC Registration Portal. Those who forgot Password can retrieve the Password through “Forgot Password” option.

2.  Please remember, KSNC will issue NOC to all those candidates whose Registration is active and valid (means inactive or expired) in KSNC.  If your KSNC Registration is expired, no need to renew it like other State Nursing Councils in India, for  applying NOC.

3.  In case you done Physical Registration before 2017 you have not done Biometric Process and must be possessing OLD Registration Certificate. Such candidates have to create your User ID and Password on KSNC Registration Portal and fill up online forms – Personal Information, Contact Information, remit NOC Fees and take appointment.

4. Those done Biometric Registration from 2018, their Personal Information, Contact Information, Educational Qualification pages have been already updated on KSNC Server, hence such candidates have to take just print out - one copy each - of all above three pages and 3 copies of Payment Receipt.

5.   Remit Payment:  Proceed to “Payment” section and choose “Payment Type”  “NOC” and Pay KSNC Fees Rs 500 online.  Before making payment, the system will prompt you to choose the name of State Nursing Council to which NOC to be despatched.  Select “Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council” from the list, and then remit the payment thru Debit/ATM or Credit Card, as well as Internet Banking.  

6. You have to surrender your original KSNC Registration Certificate.  Please take Color copy of the certificate and keep for your future use.

Take Appointment:  If booking of Appointment is enabled on Registration Portal, book a convenient day and time and take out the print and submit to KSNC. Otherwise visit KSNC on working days early and request.

7. While submitting the above documents, KSNC will provide one Envelope.  You write down your Home Address or Professional Address.  They will send your NOC by Registered Post in that envelope within 20 days to 30 days.   The original NOC they will send by Registered Post to Tamil Nadu Nursing Council.  

8. After getting the NOC in your hand, you can apply for Reciprocal Registration online with TNNMC Registration Portal and you can upload the copy you received on TNNMC registration portal. (Click here to learn)

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Transfer KSNC Registration to TNNMC

Procedures simply explained

All students studied nursing either GNM, BSc, PBBSc or MSc in Karnataka, have to register with KSNC, Bangalore and obtain the Registration certificate as a Registered Nurse.  Such professionals can practice nursing anywhere in India or abroad. This article will teach TNNMC (Tamil Nadu Nurses & Midwives Council) Online Application process. It is useful for those students/nurses possessing KSNC Registration and migrating to Tamil Nadu for job or for higher education.

1.   Before applying online, you have to obtain NOC from KSNC online. This NOC process is already published in another article. (Click here to learn)

2.   Those who are NOC in hand can apply for Reciprocal Registration online with TNNMC Registration Portal.

3.   Open TNNMC Registration Portal to SIGN-UP, i.e. Create your User ID and Password.  To create TNNMC account, you need Email ID and Mobile Number. All verification process is done thru either Email or Mobile Number. So provide only active Email ID and Mobile Number to TNNMC. (Click here to Sign-Up) 

4.   SIGN-IN to TNNMC Registration Portal and choose your Education under section Reciprocal Registration.  (Click here to Sign-in)

5.   In the next page given fees details, list of documents to be uploaded and other Dos and DONTs instructions. Read it and Tick at bottom of that page to accept their terms and conditions and proceed to next page.  (Click here)

6.   TNNMC online application portal will be opened. It is divided into 5 sections, Academic, Personal, Uploads, payment and Acknowledgement.

7.   Academic – To fill this section, you need to fill your College/University Register Number, College Name, University Name, Course Period, and Date of Pass out, KSNC Registration Number etc.  (Note:  If you cant find your Nursing College or University from the Drop Down Menu, select any College/ or University and fill up remaining portion and complete the online form. Then inform TNNMC personally. They will appropriately correct the online form)

8.   Personal -  To fill this section, you need to keep ready your personal information, address, date of birth, Email ID, Mobile Number etc.

9.  Uploads - Following certificates to be Scanned and saved on your Mobile gallery or PC for uploading online.  Scanning can be done in JPG, JPEG, PNG, or PDF format and each file should be below 2 MB.

Passport size photo (plain white background)
Ø  10th Marks Sheet
Ø  12th Marks Sheet
Ø  Transfer Certificate or SSLC Certificate
Ø  Provisional Degree Certificate (Front)
Ø   Provisional Degree Certificate (Back)
Ø  Degree Certificate (Front)
Ø  Degree Certificate (Back)
Ø  Course Completion Certificate (Front)
Ø  Course Completion Certificate (Back)
Ø  FINAL Year marks sheet
Ø  KSNC Registration Certificate
Ø  NOC received from KSNC
Ø  Online Application Acknowledgement
Ø  Online Payment Receipt (Read below)

Keep ready Debit/Credit (Visa/Master) card to pay Fees online. Net Banking also allowed.  On successful completion of transaction, kindly take the printout copy of the application acknowledgement number.

Note following Instructions:-

10. Uploaded Documents will be verified by TNNMC.

11. If there is any mistake, TNNMC will send mail to rectify it and resubmit.

12. Once you got mail from TNNMC that your Application is approved, Kindly login to the TNNMC Registration portal and pay your Registration Fee.

13. Your e-Certificate will be sent to your registered email id. This soft copy (e-Certificate) is the replica of Original Registration document. However, you will receive the hard copy of your Registration Certificate and ID Card by “Registered Post”.

Take care while filling Online Application form.

(a). Field marked with an asterisk* are mandatory fields.

(b). Most of the details you enter in the form appear in your certificates. Therefore, it is very important to enter all the information accurately.

(c). While completing the online application, please do not enter any special characters such as (,) (.) (/) or symbols such as (@) (,) ($) etc.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to apply online for PDC from RGUHS and download it

How to apply online for PDC and download it? For Complete guidance, read below article.

Good news to all categories of Nurses (especially nursing students of BSc Nursing, PB BSc, MSc) who have done their graduation or post graduation from RGUHS. You need not visit Rajiv Gandhi University or submit application physically for getting your Provisional Degree Certificate. Now you can apply online for PDC, download it, digitally validate it, print it and use it for Nursing Council Registration. 

Till last year newly passed out students had to visit their college first to collect marks cards and PDC application form duly filled in and signed by their Principal. Next day RGUHS Jayanagar next day early morning, stand in the Q and submit the application physically. Then again RGUHS used to take minimum four hours to process it and hand over the PDC to the students.  That enormous time consuming process has been stopped and now you are free to do everything online and save your valuable time.  Not only Nurses, even all categories of medical students from RGUHS can also avail the online facilities to get their PDC.  

This article will teach Nursing Community and Medical students community as well, how to register online for PDC from RGUHS from your home comfort or from any Internet cafe.  This article will show you how to apply for PDC.
1.   Click open : ONLINE APPLICATION FOR PDC (Click here
2.   Submit your Registration Number and Date of Birth
3.   If already registered they will send OTP to your phone, submit it and download PDC in PDF format.
4.  If not registered, submit Registration Number. Your basic personal details page will open.(Click here)   Fill up Date of Birth,  Email ID, Mobile Number.  You will get OTP on registered Mobile.  Submit OTP.  You will get confirmation page indicating your Registration done successfully. 
5.  Click to Log In page.  Submit Registration Number, Date of Birth and submit your personal details page will open.  Check the details and download your PDC from the  link provided at  the bottom of your registration page in PDF format.  Close the page.
6.  Go to the downloaded copy of PDC and right click on the  " ? " Question mark where the  digital signature to be validated. Follow instructions to validate the Certificate digitally.
7.  Take color print out and use it for all purpose including KSNC Registration.
8. This PDC certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
9.  Apply for Convocation Certificate (Degree) online, it will be despatched to your address within 2 months by University.


Friday, July 24, 2020

Emergency services from KSNC without appointment

KSNC is open and various Services available to limited candidates.
Original article published on 24.07.2020.  Article Updated on 30.07.2020. 

Due to Corona threat all over,  most of the Government offices in Karnataka, like KSNC are working with limited staff.  Nurses from outside state have to go for for 14 days quarantine compulsorily which please note. 

Booking of Appointment is disabled on their Registration Portal to stop inflow of students to KSNC during lock-down. 

Meanwhile the KSNC is allowing nurses who are already in Karnataka, without appointment to do renewal, verification, good standing, fresh registration etc. and this facility is available to limited candidates on emergency basis. Such candidates have to submit a hand written request letter addressed to the Registrar for special permission. 

KSNC is allowing around 5 to 10 nurses daily in each category on first come first serve basis.  Needy ones should visit KSNC personally to get the services. 

Nurses can contact KSNC directly WITHOUT creating their KSNC online account. Dont Remit KSNC Fees also.  Temporarily, these jobs are done inside by KSNC staff, in view of the present corona situation. So emergency candidates contact them personally only.  


Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to apply for NOC from Andhra Nursing Council?

How to apply for NOC from Andhra Nursing Council?

Often nurses who have obtained Registration from Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council (APNMC) before bifurcation and creation of Telangana are confused whether to apply to APNMC or Telangana State Nursing Council (TSNMC) for their NOC.  Before making application online choose your correct State Nursing Council first depending upon the present location of your Nursing School/College. APNMC have the jurisdiction of all those Nursing Schools and colleges which are presently situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh. And nurses studied in such schools/colleges presently in Andhra Pradesh should apply on APNMC website.

Following details are required to submit in online forms for both NOC and Renewal.  

1.             Nurse/Midwife/PHN - Registration Numbers & Date (if any)
2.             Full Name
3.             Date of Birth
4.             Gender
5.             Father / or Spouse Name
6.             Social Status> Caste/Category
7.             Permanent Address, Present Address with Pin Code
8.             Nursing School Name/College Name
9.             Nursing Board Name/University Name
10.          Your valid Email ID
11.          Mobile Number
12.          Passport Number (optional)
13.          Aadhar Number

There are separate Application links for various categories of nurses
And choose the appropriate link to apply:

BSC Nurses             : (Click here)
GNM Nurses            : (Click here)
ANM/ Health Worker: (Click here)

NOC fees is Rs 200 and the same to be paid online thru SBI Collect. If your APNMC Registration is already expired you have to RENEW your Registration first. Apply for NOC thereafter. For APNMC Renewal read article (Click here)

Very Important: When you apply for NOC online, after submitting your Registration date and Registration validity dates, the system will detect whether your Registration is valid or already expired. If it is expired, the system will automatically add your Renewal Charges Rs. 250 Rs 100 penalty PER EACH YEAR + Rs 200 NOC charges, and display the total amount you have to pay online.

Caution: Till two years back, APNMC allowed you to do these two processes and two payments thru NOC application section. However APNMC discontinued this practice two years back.  In any case you remitted NOC Fees with Renewal charges and its penalty thru NOC section, APNMC will ignore such applications.  And the money paid online will be lost.

Even if the NOC application system prompts you to continue, ignore it and abort the process.  Go to APNMC home page and apply for Renewal first and pay their fees. Note down RENEWAL ONLINE RECEIPT NUMBER and then proceed to NOC section and apply for NOC afresh, and NOC fees online. You need to fill up Renewal Online Receipt Number against Renewal Details along with your Validity of your Renewal. If approved your renewal, you will get 5 years extension and calculate the date and submit. Check your filled in details again submit Application. Remit NOC fees online thru SBI Collect and retain the Receipt.  You can download your Renewal/ NOC copy from following links.

Process time: 
Renewal – Maximum one week.
Check Renewal Status/download (Click here)

NOC - Maximum one week
Check NOC Status/download (Click here)

How to pay fees online thru SBI Collect (Click Here)


For Kaup Board, Biometric Registration, Renewal, Refreshing - Documents Uploading Done here

BAMS, BUMS, BNMS doctors can scan and upload their certificates online on KAUP BOARD's Registration Portal. Take Appointment thru Email: After getting confirmation mail from Kaup Board visit them personally for BIO-METRIC REGIST-RATION, RENEWAL, REFRESH, etc.

For all types of Online Applications, Scanning & Uploading certificates, Online Payment, Print Out, Xerox, Lamination, Broadband Internet Cafe, unlimited download and upload, Free Wi-Fi, Contact: REPROGRAPHICS SERVICES, 1st Floor, Next to JP Cordial Hotel, 2 Minutes from Kaup Board office on S.C. Road, Bangalore.

All Rajiv Gandhi University Students Read this: <>

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